The Sterling Ridge Group of companies is committed to the Health and Safety of its employees, subcontractors, their workers, visitors and the general public. We have established objectives and standards for health and safety to assist in preventing occupational injuries and illness in all levels of the company. Senior Management are committed to providing a safe work environment, that promotes occupational health, and actively manages environmental considerations for the protection of the environment. We ensure the Health and Safety of our people and the Environment through our stringent Quality Assurance Management Policy. We address the concerns of the general public through our commitment to our stakeholders.



We, at  Sterling Ridge Group Inc., are dedicated to keeping all of our workers safe, including from the spread of COVID 19.  We have developed and implemented Policies in accordance with government regulations concerning COVID 19 and are continually reviewing and updating our policies as recommendations and regulations change.  Currently, as we are in the red stage, our offices, although open, are closed to the General Public. We are committed to using appropriate PPE and screening methods at offices and jobsites and to limiting worker transfer from one jobsite to another. Our goal remains to provide Superior Products and Services, on-time and within budget while at the same time getting our workers home to their families everyday, safely. Specific COVID 19 Policies are available upon request.


Sterling Ridge’s primary goal while working on any project is to protect members of our team, as well as the general public, from injury. We understand and recognize that attaining a goal of “0 lost time injuries” is very difficult and extremely challenging; however, we will work closely with all contractors/subcontractors and employees to make this goal a reality. We strive to complete projects on time, and in the most cost-effective manner while at the same time maintaining our commitment to safety as our #1 goal.

We believe that safety on a project is paramount and tends to lead to a better work environment allowing us to achieve success in delivery of a quality project on time and within budget. We insist on strict compliance with our Tier 1 National Health and Safety Policy.


Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy confirms compliance with all of the Contractors Health, Safety and Environmental Requirements. Sterling-Ridge makes its people, the public and the environment its priority.


Sterling Ridge’s focus is on completing each project without incident; production does not supersede safety. A successful day on the job is one where all of our team members return home safely to their families


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The Sterling Ridge Group is in the process of implementing an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System “QMS” across all domains and divisions of the corporate group. The implementation of the QMS is designed and aimed to enhance and sustain the overall performance of our business, products and services.

The Sterling Ridge Group plans and uses various measures to address and handle risks and opportunities in order to maximize the outcomes including, but not limited to achieving optimized results and preventing negative consequences of our products, services and QMS.

The Sterling Ridge Group has supported and recognizes the advantages of Quality Management principles in our daily activities. The purpose of the Quality Management principles is to create a baseline and constantly improve upon our performance.

The Sterling Ridge Group ensures that suitable differentiation between Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs and personnel are maintained to preserve the integrity of the Quality Management Program “QMP”.

The Sterling Ridge Group Quality Pillars are:


Communication ▪ Employee Engagement ▪ Customer Focus

Continuous Improvement ▪ Risk & Opportunity ▪ Business Development



The success of a project is often dependent upon more than just superior engineering, procurement and construction.  Recognition of the various stakeholder, their issues or concerns and how to address and/or mitigate those challenges is critical.


Consultation with stakeholders is more than an obligation for regulatory approval. It is a collective opportunity to minimize loss, maximize benefit and achieve outcomes greater than the sum of their parts.


Our Stakeholders Engagement Team has over 20 years experience of working in public policy and government relations. Our experience is in bringing all parties together so that projects run smoothly and on time. Federal, provincial, regional and municipal governments, including First Nations and environmental organizations, international corporations and local firms are engaged professionally to achieve and exceed the desired goals. Sterling-Ridge is committed to providing the expertise necessary for sustaining mutual interests amongst all stakeholders. With this leadership, we create positive relations amongst our clients, the public, the government and First Nations.

​We at Sterling Ridge recognize the importance of stakeholders to the success of your project and offer an experienced team to identify and manage those issues to ensure that your project can be constructed profitably and responsibly.

Sterling Ridge is committed to fostering long term relationships with the Indigenous community founded 
upon shared respect, cooperation and economic opportunity, proudly recruiting and employing Indigenous members. We are committed to pro-active and respectful consultation, consideration and opportunities as part of our ongoing operations and projects. Sterling Ridge is a proud member in good standing of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and has completed the CCAB’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Certification Program. The Sterling Ridge Group recognizes and prioritizes commitment to the Indigenous Community. This is emphasized in Sterling Ridge`s project leadership being certified by Aboriginal Awareness Canada’s Training Certification Program.

In addition, The Sterling Ridge Group Inc. is a Business Member of the First Nations Power Authority (FNPA) an Indigenous lead, not-for-profit development company, reducing development costs and risks for First Nations-led projects.


The following is a list of some of our services:

·        Community consultation and engagement

·        Conflict management, avoidance and resolution

·        Communications - internal, external, media and training

·        First Nations engagement 

·        Government relations

·        Grievance management

·        Net environmental gain development


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