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Sterling Ridge Infrastructure  Power undertakes major infrastructure projects utilizing the significant resources and experience of the Sterling-Ridge Group. Formerly known as Ridge National Inc., the division routinely performs large infrastructure projects, Electrical Utility work and High Voltage Transmission and Distribution, Substations and Renewable Energy Projects. The Team Members of Sterling Ridge Infrastructure have undertaken work in many significant projects. Sterling Ridge Infrastructure - Power proficiently and successfully self-performs in several diverse areas including mechanical and heavy civil manufacturing, electrical and maintenance with a strong focus on infrastructure. The companies in the Sterling-Ridge Group self-perform the majority of work. The Group prides itself on maintaining long-term, experienced employees who are able to guide difficult projects through challenging schedules.

Niagara Region Wind Farm 2015-16 


Amherst Island Wind Project

Renewable Energy
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction

  • Access roads and upgrades to municipal roads

  • Collector systems (Wind Turbine - Substations)

  • Electrical Substations

  • Structural steel

We approach each renewable energy project with a dedication to quality, efficiency and safety while ensuring timelines, budget adherence and client satisfaction. To date, all completed projects have been executed before expected construction deadlines. At Sterling-Ridge, we have made notable contributions to sustainability. We see each project thought, from start to finish.

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Original equipment manufacturer installation

  • Operations and maintenance of towers and buildings: HVAC, Process piping, Plumbing

  • Land Restoration

  • Foundation Construction

Dufferin Wind Project

  • High voltage substation design and construction

  • High voltage switchyard design and construction

  • Foundations construction

At Sterling-Ridge, superior project management, skilled staff and operational excellence combine to provide first-rate service, high quality products, and top customer satisfaction in out Substations construction sector

Our Substation construction and engineering services include:

  • Fiber-optic communication systems

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Operation and maintenance (O&M)



Client Name : Eptcon Ltd

Date of the project: 2020 - 2021


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Sterling Ridge Infrastructure was awarded the civil and earthworks package for the Lakeshore Switching Station. The site is being constructed on a greenfield site, approximately 45 acres, located in Lakeshore, ON. SRI is responsible for site preparation including clearing, grubbing, erosion and sediment control, grading, perimeter berm, over 14km of drainage, access roads and fences. SRI is also responsible for over 1200 foundations, 2 building foundations, and the building envelope consisting of precast walls, double t roofing, masonry and raised flooring.

Project Value: $28 Million


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Client Name: PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited

Date of the Project: 2020 - 2021


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Sterling Ridge Infrastructure(SRI) has been awarded the civil construction of the Lakeshore Line Relocation Project. SRI will be responsible for temporary infrastructure including laydown areas, crane pads, and access roads(3km). SRI will also be constructing 72 augered type foundations including but not limited to auguring, rebar and anchor bolt placement, concrete pouring and finishing, and grouting of baseplates. We will also be constructing 64 formed type foundations including but not limited to excavation, forming, rebar and anchor bolt placement, concrete pouring and finishing, grouting of baseplates, and backfill. There is over 4000m3 of concrete to be poured across all 136 foundations.

Project Value: $6.8 Million


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Client Name: Eptcon Ltd

Date of the Project: 2020 - 2021


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Sterling Ridge Infrastructure(SRI) has been awarded the civil construction of the South Middle Rd Transformer Station. SRI will be responsible for site grading, internal roads, site drainage, installation of an Oil Water Separator tank, ductbank construction, perimeter fencing, 2xtransformer containment pits, and over 100 formed/augered type foundations.

Project Value: $3.6 Million


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WDBA Project

Transmission & Distribution
  • Underground and Overhead Transmissions and Distribution systems

  • High voltage splicing and termination

  • Utility contracting

At Sterling-Ridge, we are skilled in the design, maintenance, and installation of Transmission & Distribution electrical systems. Our service specialists are equipped with the tools and expertise required to get production up and running quickly and efficiently, backed by a qualified management team with trades background.

  • Trenchless installation

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Underground Utilities Accurate Mapping