Sterling Ridge Infrastructure  Civil has been a significant player in the heavy civil construction field for in excess of 30 years. The respective founding corporations boast in excess of eighty years of collective experience in heavy civil construction. Sterling Ridge Infrastructure – Civil has the experience, expertise and extensive resources necessary to manage and execute heavy civil construction projects of any magnitude. Our focus has been the construction of roads, bridges and deep water main/sewer services. Sterling Ridge Infrastructure – Civil is proud to have been a contributing sub-contractor to many large public projects including, the WDBA Hydro One Transmission relocation, the Herb Grey Parkway and the New Brighton Beach Generating Station in Windsor, Ontario.

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EWSWA Landfill Cell 4 North



Client Name: Bridging North America

Date of the project: 2019 - 2022


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Sterling Ridge Infrastructure Inc. has been awarded the Engineering Fill and Surcharge Package for the Gordie Howe International Bridge from Bridging North America “BNA”. The main scope is to supply and install more than 750,000 metric tonnes of aggregate material and within the site to install and move more than 850,000 metric tonnes of aggregate material.

In addition to the aggregate material, instrumentation devices for monitoring the settlement and ground water pressure have been installed and are part of the scope of work. The main activities are occurring at the Canadian Point of Entry “CPOE” for the Gordie Howe International Bridge in Windsor, Ontario.

In one day, Sterling Ridge Infrastructure Inc. supplied and installed 15,367.40 metric tonnes of aggregate material with more than 70 trailers involved to truck the
material from Erie Sand and Gravel in Leamington to the job site at Windsor. Sterling Ridge Infrastructure Inc. also performed 85 compactions tests on the sublots.

The project team has worked more than 12 hours a day, six days a week with full production and efficiency to put us ahead of critical schedule.

Project Value: +$30 Million


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Client Name: Bridging North America

Date of the Project: 2020 - 2022


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The Concrete Works Project at the Canadian Point of Entry for the Gordie Howe International Bridge includes construction of the footings, piers, walls, slabs, retaining and shear walls for the eleven buildings.
This package includes excavation, backfilling, insulation, waterproofing and dock levelers as well.

Project Value: $24 Million


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Client Name: Lakeshore New Centre Estates Ltd

Date of the Project: 2020 - 2021


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• Residential Land Development,
• Underground Sanitary & Storm Sewer Servicing
• Watermain Servicing
• Road & Boulevard Construction

Project Value: $2.2 Million


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EWSWA Landfill Cell 4 North

Heavy Civil
  • Earthworks

  • Earth and Rock excavation

  • Deep Foundations, Pile driving and sheet Piling

  • Soil stabilization and improvement 

  • Directional Drilling

At Sterling-Ridge, we achieve continuous success in the impressive execution of a variety of complex, challenging, and non-conventional heavy civil construction projects. Our services feature collaboration among our group sectors for consistent client convenience and satisfaction.

  • Demolition

  • Waste management facilities

  • Environmental Conservation Infrastructures 

Herb Gray Parkway

Water and Sewer
  • Watermains and Sewer construction

  • Open excavation and trenchless pipe installation

  • Concrete structures installation

  • Underground Infrastructure rehabilitation

With dedicated and experienced teams, Sterling-Ridge has installed hundreds or kilometers of linear infrastructure of Water and Sewer systems.Our clients municipal, institutional or private - trust 

  • Municipal and Commercial services

  • Utility contracting

Wyandotte Street East Rehabilitation

  • Road construction and rehabilitation

  • Bridge construction and rehabilitation

  • Earthworks

Clients who have complex projects rely on Sterling-Ridge's ability to provide and develop unique solutions. Sterling-Ridge approaches each project with a focus on delivering where others cannot.

  • Cast in Place and Precast concrete structures

  • Temporary Roads and Bridges